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Shenzhen Xingzhong Precision Products Co., Ltd.

Sanbum optoelectronic optimization and upgrading of industrial chain integration in February 2015, set up subsidiaries in the Precision Products Co., Ltd. ----- SHENZHEN. The company is located in Shenzhen Guangming New District high-tech park --- Ken Low Carbon Industrial Park, is mainly engaged in high-end ultra-thin light guide highlighting research and development, manufacturing, sales. The company introduced the industry-leading R & D, manufacturing equipment, 80% of the equipment comes from Japan, Korea, Germany imports. Its research and development team in cooperation with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other top technical team, has a wealth of experience and professional guide plate mold of the light guide plate injection molding technology.

Company tight knot of industry trends, through joint discussions and exchanges with customers, have launched a number of columns customized products and solutions to meet customer needs and achieve sustainable customer value!

company culture:

People-oriented, technological innovation. Credit first, win-win cooperation.

The spirit of enterprise:

Professional integrity Lean Innovation

development plan:

Industry-leading technology to create a light guide plate!


To provide quality products, compliance with laws and regulations;

Continuous improvement to meet customer needs.

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